To all condominium unit owners, residents, tenants, and site employees:

In this time of uncertainty and the fluid circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID 19)
outbreak, we are closing our Broadway office in an effort to take precautions for our clients and
staff. We will continue to provide services related to the buildings, residents, site employees and

Our employees are committed to delivering the necessary services and hopefully some peace of mind.
Please continue to contact us by email at [email protected] or
[email protected]. Our office telephone number 204.944.9721, will continue to
provide 24-hour response and messages may be left for Mr. Danny Akman, property managers,
administrators, and accounting personnel.

On Tuesday March 10th, memos were sent to site superintendents and we spoke directly with firms
providing cleaning services for all properties. Cleaning procedures were reviewed including cleaning
of surfaces impacting site personnel and residents related to the common areas.

Residents should follow guidelines and recommendations of the federal and provincial governments
for their own protection related to washing hands, using disinfectant wipes, using disinfectant
cleaners, and using hand sanitizer. Please refer to the Public Health Agency of Canada for reliable
advice and updates.

Site employees are asked not to work should they experience mild or severe, fever, cough, cold,
difficulty breathing/shortness of breath and other symptoms as may be updated by the Government
of Canada.

In addition, and until such time as the Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, Dr. Brent
Roussin advises social distancing is no longer required, the scheduling of annual general meetings is

Payments for common area maintenance assessments, rent and other payments which are already
set up for pre-authorized automatic withdrawal, will continue as scheduled. All payment methods
will continue, with the exception of Interac through the payment terminal at our Broadway office.

Other payment options include: Cheques may be left with front door personnel, or on-site
superintendent as applicable. Cheques may be put in the mail to our office, 346 Broadway, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, R3C 0T2. To make payments online, simply register Akman Management Ltd. as a
“payee” through your online banking app or website, enter your unique payment ID number as the
account number and make payments directly from your Canadian bank or credit union account.

To obtain your unique payment ID number, should you not have it already, please contact our office
at [email protected]. Please include in your email, your full address, including unit and
building numbers, and the full name of the registered unit owner or tenant.