Tenancy Assignment Procedures

These forms can be submitted online by filling out the form below, or printed and submitted to us either by dropping it off at our office, or by giving them to the Site Superintendent at your Akman-managed building.

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  1. Notify the Rental Agent, in writing, of the date you wish to vacate the apartment. Forms are available from the Site Superintendent, from the Office or on our website at akmanmanagement.ca.
  2. It is your responsibility to find someone to lease your apartment. If you place an advertisement on Kijiji or any other method, please advise the Site Superintendent. You are responsible for all advertising costs related to the leasing of your Apartment.
  3. There is a $75.00 administration fee.
  4. When you find an interested person (s), they must complete a rental application including: a letter of employment and/or notice of income tax assessment and a bed bug disclosure. A security deposit must be submitted as well, payable by cheque, debit, or money order. The application will then be processed. Do not assume the apartment has been leased until you receive notification from our office. 
  5. You are responsible for the condition of your apartment. An inspection will be done on move out. Please provide the office with your forwarding address.
  6. Your apartment will be easier to lease if it is kept in a CLEAN and NEAT condition.

If you have any questions, please contact Akman Management Ltd. at 204-944-9721.


    I/WE hereby give you notice that I/WE wish to give all obligations and rights under a tenancy agreement to another person.
  • Which I/WE hold you as tenant(s),
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • How will you be paying the $75.00 sublet administration fee?
  • You are welcome to pay in person at our office, by cheque, debit or money order. We also accept online payment, using your unique online payment ID.

  • Under the terms and conditions of my/our tenancy agreement, I/WE fully understand that I/WE are responsible for all rent owing on the first day of each month until I/WE have provided an APPROVED tenant to lease the above named apartment.

    This notice gives the Superintendent the right to enter the apartment in order to show the apartment to prospective tenants.

    I/WE also agree to pay the Administration Fee of $75.00.

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